Wednesday, August 13, 2014

McCall, ID

McCall Idaho is my new little paradise. Last week our family went there for a family reunion. It is located two hours north of Boise next to Payette Lake. Below is a LandSat image from July 26, 2014, the week before we got there. It is very green, and the mountains are covered in trees.
We stayed in a lakeside cabin and went swimming, roasted marshmallows, and played lawn games. The cabin wasn't big enough for everyone to sleep inside, so some us slept in tents on the beach, under trees, and even on the the roof of the car port. Each night we got a little bit of rain and saw some lightning. We were lucky and most of the thunderstorms were to our southwest. That meant great boating and sunburn weather for us in McCall every day!

I hadn't been wakeboarding in over five years. This weekend I managed to get up every time the boat pulled me and I didn't get back in the boat until I had a massive headache. Who would have thought water can be hard on your head. With some encouragement from my aunt ("just scream as loud as you can and go for it!!") I got pretty comfortable jumping the wake. The screaming part helped, but don't get so excited about screaming you forget you need to land the board. My sister captured this picture of me right before one of my majestic crashes.

I actually landed this one, but I look very out-of-control.

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