Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Winter Wonderland

This was the biggest snow storm in Utah in two years. Makes you wonder how many new Utah residents had their first experience driving in snow yesterday morning. I'm sure it was a shock to some. My commute was an hour longer than usual. The train and bus had no problem in the snow, but all the little two wheel drive cars we followed up the hill to campus sure struggled.

In Spanish Fork we had around eight inches of snow. My siblings had the sledding hill in the back yard built by the time I got home.

The commute this morning was much better and the side walks were mostly shoveled.

The Mountain Meteorology Lab at the University of Utah this morning is showing over 10 inches of snow (ignore the noise in the data, it's bad)

The largest snow totals were seen along the benches and areas further north. Utah county didn't get hit as hard Salt Lake county. The mountain snow totals are a little less impressive than one might expect. The winner of this storm was the Bountiful Bench which has 28 inches last reported.

 Looks like that was the brunt of the snow storm. A few more packets of moisture may bring a bit more flakes over a few days, but looks like a ridge is building up for the weekend. Now with the deep snow cover all across the Wasatch front inversion season will come in strong. Pay attention to the air pollution levels and consider limiting your driving this winter.