Friday, March 25, 2016

NCAR Ensembles

Found a new webpage that show NCAR ensembles, and these weather maps look really clean! These are useful for forecasting when you get up in the morning and want a nice review of the day ahead of you :)

The NCAR ensemble is a 10 member ensemble run at 3-km horizontal resolution initialized once a day at 0000 UTC and run for two days.

Here's the maps for the southwest 2-m mean temperatures, sea level pressure, and 10-m wind:
(note: you can toggle on/off the county lines by pressing [o])

Also interesting is seeing the data assimilation for the model. Here's a map showing the locations of the data used in the model.

The data assimilation is feed into another model to create a 15-km analysis of atmosphere every 6 hours which is used in the forecast model. You can look at analyses here:

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