Friday, February 20, 2015

Pictures from MATERHORN: May 2013

Almost two summers ago I participated in the MATERHORN field campaign. Info about the study can be found here and here. My friend Sebastian took some amazing pictures and I wanted to share some of them.
There are no trees out in Dugway, but we still managed to find some shade.
Towers like this were set up all over to measure meteorological data at different levels.
No trees, but there was wildlife. We were the least worried about the antelope
And now a montage of my first weather balloon launch!

Some students from the mechanical engineering department were testing a new instrument that climbed a tethersonde line.
Tethersondes! Don't they look like goldfish crackers?
Every night was a pretty sunset.

Line of met towers run up the hill. The whit box is a scanning lidar used to measure winds.

Ceilometer used to measure aerosols in the boundary layer.

It was cold in the morning. I was up all night running a tethersonde every half hour. Yeah, I didn't get much sleep that night.
Sonic anemonetor. Uses sound waves to measure wind speed.
Weather stations like this are scattered everywhere.
Another sonic anemonetor

More wildlife! Good thing I saw this before stepping on it.

Lots of lizards

These are known as HOBOs. I can't remember what that acronym stands for.
Sebastian and I climbed Granite Peak looking for all the HOBOs. 

At the top of Granite Peak is this station.

Almost stepped on another snake.

Witnessed a halo one day.
Wild horses.

Sodars are also used to measure wind with sound waves.

Another long night of tethersonde operations.
And again, more wildlife.

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