Monday, October 14, 2013

Temperature Converter

Do you ever get confused with the Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales? Temperature scales are a bit ambiguous. Here's a little history...
In 1742 Anders Celsius created a temperature scale based on the freezing and boiling point of water. Today, 100 °C is the boiling temperature of water and 0 °C is water's freezing temperature. Earlier, in 1724, Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the mercury-in-glass thermometer. 100 °F was the hottest day in Germany, and 0 °F was the coldest day in German. Today, only the United States uses the Fahrenheit scale and everyone else in the world uses the Celsius scale.
Use the calculators below to convert temperatures between the different scales.
Enter a number in the first box and click the equal sign to see the conversion.

Convert from °C to °F.

°C °F

Convert from °F to °C.

°F °C
Here is a summary of how Celsius compares to the Fahrenheit scale:
10°C50°FJacket Weather
20°C68°FComfortable Weather
30°C86°FWarm Summer Day
40°C104°FVERY HOT!

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