Wednesday, February 10, 2016

This is bad...

Have you taken a look outside? You can't see much. This morning we were socked in with dense fog, plus the pollution levels are in the unhealthy range. PM 2.5 concentrations in downtown Salt Lake are over 100 micrograms/m3. That's bad.

Utah county has been quite a bit cleaner than Salt lake County, but I looks like the pollution from Salt Lake is being transported south. Winds are light from the north. This may explain the sudden spike in PM 2.5 concentrations at the Lindon air quality site.

This mornings sounding shows how strong this inversion really is. The ground is cold, below freezing, while the air temperatures in the mountains are above 10 C. Since cold air sinks, all that pollution we emit at the surface stays at the surface. 

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