Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fall is Here, and it came Wet!

The first day of Fall was a few days ago, but today we are realizing what that means. Our first autumn storm is here, and it's raining a lot! When the clouds clear out we'll likely see some white stuff capping the mountains. 

The rain started last night and has been nearly non-stop since. This chart shows the accumulated precipitation in Spanish Fork over the course of the storm:
Yep, over an inch of rain and it's still coming down! And it's coming down like that along the entire Wasatch Front.
Source: National Weather Service Enhanced Data Display
This storm is pretty widespread. One of my friend's brother and my cousin were in a high school band competition in Payson and got soaked. I imagine those high school students created many memories today.
Source: Weather Underground
This rain is not like the scattered summer thunderstorm. But there is a lot of lightning from these clouds:
Lightning Strikes in last 24 hours.
This storm is associated with a long wave trough bringing moisture form the north Pacific. The trough will become a cut-off low on Sunday and will stick around until Tuesday. Compare the two maps showing dynamic tropopause on Saturday and Sunday:
Trough on Saturday
Cut-off Low on Saturday
This low pressure system will say over the Intermountain West until Tuesday. That means we can expect more rain until that system dissolves. 

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