Friday, April 11, 2014

KSLC Temperature Fixed

In my forecasting class we make weather forecasts for the Salt Lake City International Airport. Early in our class, everyone realize that the temperature at the airport was always several degrees warmer than any of the surrounding stations. We got in the habit of making a forecast for what we thought the temperature would be, and then we would add 5 degrees to our forecast. I'll call this "temperature inflation," when it's warmer than what you think it should be. Two days ago the National Weather Service discovered the temperature sensor was bad and finally had it replaced.

Our overall weather pattern hasn't changed to much in the last few days, but you can see in the MesoWest temperature plot below that temperatures were in the high 70's a few days ago. The the senor was changed midday on April 9th (where the temperature spikes looks unreal). You can see the temperatures were high before noon, and then dropped after the sensor was changed. Now the temperatures agree with the surrounding stations.

The weather station at the airport (KSLC) is really close to the station at the National Weather Service Office (SLCBY).
 As shown in the observations below, before installing the new sensor the airport reported almost 5 degrees warmer than the weather office. After the replacement on April 9th, the temperature at both sites were fairly close to one another.

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