Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Freezing Fog vs. normal Fog

This was an attempt to capture pictures of freezing fog. This evening (January 8, 2014) at my house it was 26 F with relative humidity at 91%. This is a recipe for freezing fog because temperatures are below freezing and the humidity is close to 100% meaning that the air is saturated with water vapor.

Below are the pictures I attempted to take to illustrate the difference. The top row shows pictures taken with out a flash, and the bottom show pictures taken with a flash. In the frozen fog, it is easy to see each individual crystal. In fact, sometimes the crystals grow too large and will fall out of the air to the ground. I created the normal, water drop fog by breathing heavily into the air. The warm, humid air I breathed condensed into water droplets like a cloud. Water droplet fog makes a much more dense looking cloud. It looks thicker because it is made of tiny water droplets which in turn scatters more light. Eventually the liquid water droplet fog I created with my breath froze and mixed with the rest of the frozen fog. Kind of cool!

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