Sunday, November 3, 2013

First Snow!

 The first snow flakes of the season arrived in Spanish Fork on November 3 at about 9:30 AM.

The flakes are a conglomerate of broken dendrites (your classic looking flakes with six arms).

Below are IDV radar images. I tried downloading a loop, but my computer is too old and IDV crashes all too often.

(IDV radar image with 9-point smoothing)

Before the snow started the air temperature was 38 F. As the snow started the air temperature dropped to 32 F. As soon as the band of snow passed the snow melted quickly, but air temperatures stayed cool and we didn't get any warmer than 35 F. I imagine this was because we had some cold air advected behind the front, but I wonder how much of the temperature rise was depressed due to the take up of latent heat by the melting snow. Below is my brother and friend. You can see our mailbox in the bottom left. Someone smashed it with a pumpkin last night.

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