Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rain --> Sun

Temperatures this month have been slightly cooler than usual, but not much. There has been more rain than your typical May. About half the days this month measuring rain at the airport. The amount of rain is about twice the normal amount for May.


Even right now there are severe thunderstorms passing through Box Elder county.

This weekend May will leave us warm and hot. Temperatures in northern Utah will be in the 80s. Take a look for yourself...this is the ridge forecasted to build over Utah on Sunday...
This is the NAM forecast for Sunday at noon. Perhaps it will be followed by a cool down when the trough over the ocean progresses inland.

Update: this morning I saw on twitter a few cool pictures from this storm. First, a picture taken Morgan County taken by Nicole McMillian.

And here's a look at quarterz sized hail out in the Uintah Basin!

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