Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Winter Front

Now that winter is almost over, a juicy winter storm has hit Utah. Finally! It was fun to watch this storm approach on my way to campus this morning. I managed to walk into the office about 20 minutes before it started snowing. Here's a view out the window of the shelf cloud at the leading edge of the cold front...

Then only a half hour later the winds shifted...

And it's still coming down! Our webcams shows snow has filled the valley.

SunCrest is now socked in with snow. Below is the time lapse video of the front approaching...

You can see the passing of the front in the MesoWest data from the airport station KSLC. It hit the airport just before 8:00 (I was literally 15 minutes ahead of the storm almost to campus.

Then the front hits the William Browning Building just minutes after I walk in (wind data was not showing up, but you still should be able to see the front by the rapid drop in temperature around 8:20).

It took a few hours, but the front eventually reached my station in Spanish Fork at 10:30.

And for my BYU friends, here's from the Eyring Science center, it looks like the front reached you around 10:00 this morning.

And here's the radar...

Looking at the radar and the HRRR model this storm will pass in the next hour or two. Hopefully the roads will be cleared by the evening commute.

Oh, and look at the pretty snowflakes falling at Alta..
source: Alta Snowflake Showcase

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