Tuesday, November 4, 2014

First Frost

When people find out I study the weather they often ask what my favorite type of weather is. Most types of weather is interesting, but I especially love a good snow storm. My favorite weather, however, is a warm, sunny, summer day because I can take a nap on the grass. My least favorite is the unnecessary cold. I do not enjoy being cold. Haha! and guess what I'm doing in school--studying inversions. The most unnecessary cold weather you can experience. 

Today was the first day I had to scrap frost from my car before driving to the train. I was reminded of my ultimate goal in life--buy a house with a garage so I will never have to scrap frost or brush snow again!

Yep, the last few days have felt like November. Below shows the freezing temperatures last night

Apparently the timing of this first freeze is right on time. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Ski resorts have taken advantage of the cold weather this week by pumping out snow. This is Park City this morning...

But we're warming back up as an upper-level ridge takes its place right over the western states. Below is the GFS forecast for Saturday. It'll be warm and sunny all the way into next. Perfect timing to get the last of the yard work done.
source: weather.utah.edu

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